Welcome to Artgrain!

We offer fun & exciting art classes for children, youths and adults! We want to cultivate a community of artists & art lovers, and provide a quality art education for students to gain mastery in art making. Through our programme, we aim to take each student’s uniqueness and facilitate their learning and understanding of art by building art techniques and skills in drawing, painting, and manipulation of different medium to open uo his/her understanding of art processes and to enrich one’s imagination.


We will be running our September Special Project this coming week for all students

under Seedling, Headstart, Foundational and Developmental Art modules from

21 – 27 September (Monday – Sunday).


Students will be learning how to create a collage of a dog that is inspired from Michel Keck.

They will learn how to:

- identify different tones in photo reference of a dog

- focus on the qualities of different material (glossy vs matt / texture / layering / patterns)


We are looking forward to see you this coming week!